The standard weapon of any hero, longswords have long held a place in fighter's hearts since the first year of their creation.

Prop Sword +30 +0
Kiribati +45 +0
Longsword +60 +0
Hero's Blade +80 +0 +5 Vitality
Wolfsbane +100 +10 Double damage vs. Lycanthropes/Wolves
Macuahuitl +120 +20
Viper's Venom +140 +30 30% Poison
Slasher +160 +40 Keen Edge
Spectral Sword +180 +50 Casts "Holy"
Zweilanzer +230 +70 +11 Vitality, Double damage vs. Dragons

Prop Sword
A sword found in theatre plays, now sharpened for a young hero to wield.

The kiribati is a sword from a land where worked metal is not common. It is a wooden shaft with shark teeth tied along its length.

The standard sword of yore, forged from steel and pounded into shape.

Hero's Blade
Once wielded by a grand hero, this sword has passed many hands before.

A sword forged from silver. It proves especially effective against creatures of lupine anatomy.

Like the Kiribati, the Macuahuitl was formed in lands where metal is not especially common. This wooden shaft, instead of shark teeth, has obsidian shard imbedded along its length.

Viper's Venom
Wielded by General Viper during the war, this sword is said to cripple its enemies with a single cut.

Once held by the warlord Slash, this sword fell out of history for a millenium. Legend holds that it's edge can never dull.

Spectral Sword
Forged from ethereal materials, this blade launches otherworldly energy with each slash.

These two swords were once a part of the same great weapon. In ancient times, a renowned warrior wielded a great lance that took down dragons with a single mighty thrust. When fighting his final dragon, the lance snapped in half, and the warrior fell. Since the days of myth, the shards have been forged into twin blades, each powerless without their peer, and questing to restore their former glory.