Mage Slayer

The Mage Slayer is native to a world where magic has brought nothing but death and destruction, a world ravaged by the conflicts between the greatest of mages. Out of the ashes of the devastated homes destroyed by magical "collateral damage" strides a lone figure with the determination to rid the world of magic. All Mage Slayers should have the Runic minor ability. Mage Slayers tend to favor medium or heavy armor to survive the withering barrage of spells their chosen enemy favors, and medium and heavy weapons such as swords or lances are popular among those who face enemies that must be slain quickly.

Anti-Magic Stance
Unique: Invulnerability (Magic)
Secondary: Self-Only
Often, the best way to wear down a mage is by causing him to waste his magical strength against an unyielding defense like this.

Grand Finale
Primary: Power Attack (Strong)
Secondary: Boost (50%), Single Use
Once a Mage Slayer disables a powerful mage's magical defenses, it is important that the mage is not given enough time to recover with the many magical items they are likely to possess, and this mighty blow is usually enough to finish them.

Unique: Scan
Mage Slayers face one of the most dangerous types of enemies imaginable, and any who hope to survive long against their magic-wielding foes soon learn to judge their opponent's strengths and weaknesses.

Resist Compulsion
Unique: Dispel
Secondary: Self-Only
There are many spells that can manipulate a victim's mind and body, but with enough training and meditation, a Mage Slayer learns to shake off these effects.

Silence Blow
Primary: Power Attack (Medium)
Secondary: Lesser Status Attack (Seal)
This pinpoint strike at a certain pressure point on a mage can cripple the mage's ability to cast spells.

Spirit Strike
Primary: Power Attack (Medium)
Secondary: MP Attack
Any successful Mage Slayer knows that the first step to defeating a magical opponent is to deplete his arsenal, and by focusing his energies, a Mage Slayer may do just that.

Primary: Status Effect (Berserk)
An enraged mage is rarely able to maintain the concentration needed to work their magic, so many Mage Slayers have honed irritation to an art.