Map Combat (Old)

The Map Combat System is a set of rules for strategic combat a la Final Fantasy Tactics. Combat takes place on a grid of squares, rather than the abstracted battlefield of ZODIAC and most Final Fantasy games. Combatants move and fight on this grid, with their actions affected by terrain, movement speeds, and the range and area of effect of their abilities.

The Map Combat System introduces two new stats that all characters and monsters have- Move and Jump- that determine how quickly they can get around the battlefield.
- Move: This is the number of squares (in four directions ONLY, not diagonally) that the character can move during his turn. All characters have a base Move stat of 3.
- Jump: Jump represents the character's jumping ability. If obstructed by a river, chasm, or other similar obstacle, the character may jump a number of squares equal to his Jump stat. For example, a character with Jump 3 could jump over a river up to two squares wide- he jumps the two river squares and lands on a third square on dry land. Jumping is considered part of normal movement, and each Jump during a turn expends 1 Movement Point. All characters have a base Jump stat of 3.
The only way to increase Move and Jump is through the use of certain Relics.

Obviously, the battlefield won't always be flat. Hills, valleys, stairs, and other natural or man-made landforms make things interesting. A particular square's Height Level represents the square's elevation on the map. Height Levels come in increments of 0.5. Generally, the lowest point on the map- often a lake or river- has a height level of 0. Some example Height Levels, relative to the surrounding terrain, include:
- Average human: HL 1.0
- Stair steps: One square = four steps, HL 0.5
- Large rock: HL 0.5
- Boulder: HL 1.0
- One-story house: HL 3.0 at peak
- City wall: HL 5.0
- Small hole: HL -0.5
- Pit trap: HL -3.0

A character's Jump stat determines the greatest Height Level he can traverse per Movement Point. In order to move to a higher level, the difference in height levels between where he is and where he wants to move must be no greater than (Jump / 2). Note: There is no limit to how far down a character may move at one time, but falling too far may cause damage. For every half Height Level beyond 3 that a character falls, he suffers damage equal to 5% of his maximum HP. Falling 5.5 Height Levels would result in 25% damage.
Example: Amos the Valiant is pursuing a group of vagabonds through the city. He's almost caught them, but they try to get away by climbing over a brick wall. Amos is on Height Level 0, and the top of the wall has a Height Level of 2.5. Fortunately, there just happens to be a large rock of Height Level 1 right next to the wall. Amos has a Jump value of 3, so he can cross a Height Level of 1.5 or less at one time. He uses one Movement Point to climb the rock (HL 1), another to climb the wall (HL 2.5, 1.5 levels higher than the rock), and a third to jump down from the wall to the other side. On his next turn, he can continue his pursuit.

Because of the nature of Map Combat, rules are required for the range and area of effect of a character's powers and special attacks. All attacks and powers have three substats as follows:
- Range (R): Represents the power's range. The skill can be targeted up to R squares away from the character; an R: 3 means that the target square can be no farther than 3 squares away. If you want to target something that isn't directly in front of you, count off the range by counting squares horizontally and vertically; the total targetable area forms a diamond around your character (see below).
- Effect (E): Represents the power's area of effect. The power is centered on the target square, and radiates outward from that square. The E value is the number of squares, including the target square, that are affected horizontally and vertically from the target square. Peripheral squares are affected in a diamond pattern. This is best shown by example:

X = Target Square
O = Affected Square

E: 1


E: 2


E: 3


E: 4


Warning: All powers will affect allies AND enemies in their area of effect! This means that it's possible to heal your enemies with a Cure spell, or harm your allies with Fire 3. To avoid this, a Tech may have the Friendly Fire Secondary Effect for +1 MP. This effect protects allies from harmful Techs, and prevents beneficial powers from effecting one's enemies.
- Vertical (V): This stat represents the vertical distance that the power will cover. For every point of Vertical, the power affects one Height Level above or below the target square's Height Level; for example, a spell with V: 1 that is targeted at a square on Height Level 6 will strike anything within its blast radius that is on a Height Level between 5 and 7. Anything higher or lower is safe from the spell.

This section lists the range and area effect of the various powers and special abilities in ZODIAC.
- Normal Melee Attack: Affects only one target. The target must be adjacent to the attacker (R: 1) and cannot be more than 1 Height Level away. When attacking from the side, you get a +5 bonus to your Accuracy; when attacking from behind, the bonus is +10. If a critical hit is scored, the victim is shoved back one square.
- Melee Tech: Techs that utilize a melee weapon have a base of R: 3 E: 1 V: 0. The Area Effect Secondary Effect will increase all three values by 1 for every +1 MP Level of the Tech, to a maximum of +3 (R: 6 E: 4 V: 3).
- Normal Ranged Attacks: Normal attacks that use ranged weapons have an R: 4. Standing on high ground allows a ranged attacker to hit targets he could not otherwise reach; when determining if a particular target is in range or not, add the difference in the character's Height Level and the target's Height Level to the character's Range, rounding down, to a maximum Range of 8. The attacker may target enemies outside his normal Range, but for each square beyond the limit of the attacker's range, Accuracy is reduced by 20. Accuracy may also be modified by the angle of attack, as per normal melee attacks.
- Ranged Weapon Tech: Techs that utilize a ranged weapon have a base of R: 6 E: 1 V: 0. Area Effect and Vertical Effect can be altered as per Melee Techs. Obviously, obstacles such as trees and walls will get in the way of missile weapons.
- Other Techs: All other Techs, such as Magical Attacks, have a base of R: 4 E: 1 V: 0. Area Effect and Vertical Effect are increased in the same way as for Weapon Techs.