Armor Type: Balanced
Normal Pool / Artifact Pool: 10 / 5

Dark Keyblade Wielders have a very unique custom to ensure protection. They tattoo their bodies with ritualistic ink. Some say that they do not need this but it is true to their honor to make sure that secrets stay as secrets. The Markings they receive grants abilities and gives them a closer connection to the very lives they protect, thus adding to their vital life source (HP) and soul (MP). Each tattoo represents a portion of the Dark Keyblader philosophy. They have corresponding areas for each tattoo, and once they get a new one the previous one loses it’s effects while the new effects take over. Dark Keybladers look at it as a way of moving forward and interpersonal growth.

NAME HP MP Special Cost
The Box 20 2 - 75
Finality 30 3 - 150
Cage 50 4 - 400
Skull 80 6 Immune: Blind and Death Sentence 800
Black Hole 100 10 +13 Magic 1,200
Heart 130 14 - 2,000
The Monster 200 18 Immunity: Berserk 3,000
Elemental 200 20 El. Absorbency, El. Weakness1 5,000
Links 250 25 Magical Defense 8,000
Personal Symbol 350 35 +23 Agility, Defense LEGENDARY

The Box
This is the only tattoo that looks the same as every other Marking. It is a square that encompasses the heart on the Dark Keybladers chest. It represents their mission.

Whether it be a broken infinity sign or a cadaver this Marking represents how one day the Dark Keyblader will perish, and how they must make the best use of their time to protect us from the horrifying Creation. This tattoo is found over the area that covers their appendix.

This tattoo is sometimes a literal cage with a bird in it or sometimes just bars of a jail cell. Some Dark Keybladers use a simple ‘X’ to represent it. The cage is found on one of their feet to show their nomadic life style. The cage represents the isolation they sometimes feel in life.

Weather it be a simple skull or an entire skeleton, this is always found on the back of the Dark Keyblader’s shoulder in relation to their less dominant hand. It is a reminder of the sacrifices that have been made.

Black Hole
Some Dark Keybladers just do a black circle some go all out and have a picture of a dying star on their skin. The Black hole is found on the opposite shoulder and ironically represents existence itself. Some claim they see us as doomed while others think it means how we are all pulled into this universe from some unseen force.

This tattoo represents the will to fight through anything. This is found on the back of their dominant hand. Very rarely to Dark Keybladers get a picture of a literal heart tattooed, probably to prevent anatomical confusion.

The Monster
Often times a scary face or a phobia the Dark Keyblader has. The monster represents the aching doubt and fear that’s on the back of everyone’s mind. This is tattooed on the back of their necks.

This is the only Marking that the Dark Keyblader doesn’t choose. When the time comes, he must ask his cohorts which element best represents his personality. This is found on the back of the Dark Keyblader’s offhand.

We are all connected. Dark Keybladers, believe this wholeheartedly. Whether it’s a line of chain links or people holding hands the meaning is always the same. This is found on the other foot of the Dark Keyblader.

Personal Symbol
This is something the Dark Keyblader designs to put on his body. The personal symbol will be found in the tattoo of the box. It represents hope and reason. This Marking is their proudest.