Martial Arts

While most warriors choose to fight with swords, axes and polearms, the Monk disdains the use of such clumsy weapons. He is one who has learned to control the inner energy known as ki or chi, and uses it to deadly effect, fighting with unmatched ferocity using only his own fists and feet. An experienced Monk can deal as much damage with a flying kick as any knight with a sword.

Primary: Attack Magic (M)
Secondary: Holy Elemental

Summoning a large amount of pure energy from his own psyche, the Monk focuses it into a massive energy beam that tears through a single target.

Primary: Power Attack (S)
Secondary: Random Target (-1)

Essentially a supercharged version of Pummel, the Bum Rush is a blinding flurry of savage kicks and punches that leaves the victim seriously injured, if not completely destroyed by the assault.

Primary: Attack Magic (M)
Secondary: Area Effect, Fire Elemental

Repeating the chants and mantras from his martial arts training, the Monk calls into existence a beautifully dancing and twisting wave of flames that scorches anything in its wake to the bone.

Primary: Power Attack (M)
A simple technique for any Monk to pull off, Pummel fires off a volley of lightning-fast punches, dealing heavy damage to the unlucky target.

Primary: Revive
Secondary: Limited Uses

An experienced Monk can channel his chi energy into another being, infusing it with life force. However, this technique is so draining that it cannot be used frequently.

Primary: Power Attack (M)
Secondary: Area Effect

Whirling through the area with his arms outstretched, the Monk is able to pummel many targets at once with deadly fists.

Primary: Healing Tech (M)
Secondary: Area Effect, Sacrifice (Version 1)

The strength of a Monk's psyche is so great that by burning only a very small part of it, he can release huge amounts of positive energy. In doing so, he can restore the vital strength of his allies, while draining his own.

Primary: Power Attack (S)
Secondary: Inflicts Stun

The Monk dashes towards the target, grabs them, and vaults into the air before the victim even knows what's happening. Inverting himself in midair, the Black Belt comes crashing down on top of his victim, smashing it into the ground.