Dark Blue Mage Outfits

Although dark blue mages all wear different outfits, the materials used to make them are the same.
That is why they all effect different parts of their health and mana, but have the same effects.

Armor Type: Varies
Normal/Artifact Pool: 5/3

Name of Material Dusters or Cloaks Loin Cloths or Backpacks Sashes or Chef Hats Effects Cost
Dark Blue HP: 35 MP: 0 HP: 20 MP: 2 HP: 10 MP: 4 - 75
Ornate Fabric HP: 50 MP: 0 HP: 30 MP: 3 HP: 15 MP: 6 - 150
Thick Cloth HP: 75 MP: 0 HP: 50 MP: 4 HP: 25 MP: 8 - 400
Thick Leather HP: 120 MP: 0 HP: 80 MP: 6 HP: 40 MP: 12 - 800
Darker Blue HP: 150 MP: 0 HP: 100 MP: 10 HP: 50 MP: 20 - 1,200
Beast Skin HP: 200 MP: 0 HP: 130 MP: 14 HP: 65 MP: 25 +9 Strength 2,000
Living Leather HP: 250 MP: 0 HP: 160 MP: 18 HP: 80 MP: 30 Magical Defense 3,000
Secret Technique HP: 300 MP: 0 HP: 200 MP: 20 HP: 100 MP: 40 Defense; Magical Weakness 5,000
Darkest Blue HP: 375 MP: 0 HP: 250 MP: 25 HP: 125 MP: 50 - 8,000
Cerulean Mirror HP: 500 MP: 0 HP: 350 MP: 35 HP: 175 MP: 65 Immunity: Seal ARTIFACT

Dark Blue
This is actually a strange form of fabric. It is a blue cloak with black designs accompanying it. It is the symbol Armor for Dark Blue Mages.

Ornate Fabric
Exactly what it says to be: Armor made out of decorative fabric.

Thick Cloth
Tougher than ornate fabric.

Thick Leather
Sturdy and layered leather.

Darker Blue
A more refined version of Dark Blue. To show that it is, the fabric is covered with more black designs.

Beast Skin
Sometimes wearing armor from the very creatures you fight can give you an edge in combat.

Living Leather
Leather with strange growths bursting from it. Some say it has eyes and mouths ready to open up at any moment.

Secret Technique
A failed attempt to refine Darker Blue. They almost got it, but still, they failed. It has a nice defense but spells are more harmful; this is most likely a result of the helpful failure.

Darkest Blue
It is so refined that, as a result it is a black material with blue designs on it.

Cerulean Mirror
Like Blue Mages, Dark Blue Mages have the ability to use enemy techniques against them. They are walking arcane mirrors. This legendary material seems to be a perfect fit for them. Legend says that there is a beast whose hide is made of this material. No one knows where the beast resides…