Nature's Ways

Druids are the servants of mother nature. They promote a greater understanding of her creatures, and try to instill in others a respect for her presence. Unfortunately, that is a daunting task, and they often must resort to using their talents in unique ways to change the view of others. Direct violence is rare among druids, who prefer to indirectly weaken their foes, and then finish them with a stout blow to the head. Who knows? They just might wake up with a new respect for the earthà

Primary: Absorbency (Earth)
The Druid takes on the characteristics of a tree, a process that draws on the power of earth based attacks, and channels that power back into the druid.

Call Tree Spirit
Primary: Attack Magic (Strong)
Secondary: Area Effect, Backfire
Druids can, when the situation is desperate, petition a tree spirit for aid. Trees do not always take kindly to this call though, and occasionally they attack the caller.

Forest Doom
Primary: Revenge
Secondary: Area Affect, Lesser Status Effect (Stone)
In a last ditch effort to make the enemies of nature pay for their crimes, the Druid reflects the pain of the earth on the enemies, a move which often leaves its victims a permanent addition to the landscape.

Heat Shield
Primary: Immunity (Fire)
Only druids can prevent forest fires.

Primary: Speed Break
Secondary: Random Target (-1)
One of the first lessons a druid learns: plants are friends used to plant your foes.

Rock Toss
Primary: Attack Magic (Weak)
Elemental: Earth
Sometimes threats against nature require a magical solution. For this the druid is taught to attack not only for the earth, but with it.

Primary: Healing (Medium)
A druid's primary purpose is saving life - not destroying it.

Primary: Status Effect (Venom)
You see a yellowish streak shoot out from underneath a nearby bush. A sharp pain shoots through your foot, and the streak is gone. It takes you a second to realize you've been bitten by a Golden BushSlider….the most deadly snake there is.

Primary: Status Effect (Poison)
The druid calls on one of the myriad of poisonous insects known to him to hurt a foe.

Primary: Status Effect (Frog)
Secondary: Area Effect, Limited Uses
If you can't beat them, make them join you. Druids hope to create a sympathetic viewpoint in others, and often use extreme measures to make that happen. Extreme measures like making said foes into creatures of the forest for a short time.

Primary: Power Attack (Strong)
Cost Method: Sacrifice (Version 2)
The Druid uses his awesome powers to their fullest. Sacrificing both his body and power, his stave grows massive thorns capable of inflicting huge amounts of damage. Unfortunately, these thorns grow all over the stave, including where the druid is holding it at.


A druid's empathy with Mother Nature is so great that she grants him the power to take the forms of her children. But the Druid must be careful not to shapeshift for too long, or he may revert to his original form at a very dangerous time.


Bear Hug
Primary: Demi Attack
Secondary: Innacurate, Lesser Status Attack (Slow)
A bear's trademark is its crushing embrace, which leaves enemies in much pain and bruised from head to toe.

Danger at the Den
Primary: Revenge
Secondary: Limited Use
Bears are notorious for their defiance, especially when wounded or protecting their young.

Paw Swipe
Primary: Speed Break
Bears have incredibly good reflexes, and often swipe fish out of ponds to eat. Here the swipe is put to good use in a debilitating attack that leaves the opponent easier to catch.


Bared Fangs
Primary: Status Effect (Venom)
Secondary: Limited Use, Lesser Status Attack (Stop)
The snake's best offense is its quick and powerful venom, which often paralyzes an opponent

Cobra Weave
Primary: Status Effect (Charm)
Secondary: Random Target (-1)
Snakes, according to legend, are masters of hypnotism. But that's just a legend, right?

Shed Skin
Primary: Healing (Medium)
Secondary: Self-Only
You magically speed up the shedding process, growing new skin and discarding many of your old wounds in the process.


Claw Flurry
Primary: Quadra Slam
The Eagle dashes to and fro through the enemies laying about with claw and beak in a mad fashion.

Primary: Stat Booster (Speed)
Secondary: Self-Only
The Eagle has the ability to catch its opponents by suprise with a crash dive from great heights.

Eagle Eyes
Primary: Scan
Very few creatures in the world have the eyes or alertness that the eagle does.


Great Big Nasty Pointy Teethies
Primary: Fatal Blow
Secondary: Random Target (-1)
Not all hares are as they seem.

Lucky Feet
Primary: Neutralize
With four lucky feet, it's hard for the hare to find a time when things don't go in his direction.

Play Dead
Primary: Status Effect (Reraise)
Secondary: Single Use, Self-Only
One of the best strategies available… a time-honored trick. It never works more than once, though…

Primary: Status Effect (Haste)
Secondary: Self-Only
Hares move like the wind, and are often in and out of a tight spot before anyone knows they were there.