Ninjutsu is the collective name for the variety of skills employed by ninja, highly trained warriors who specialize in the arts of stealth and in manipulating their surroundings to their advantage. Masters of the elements and of nature, ninja are able to use their knowledge of both natural and man-made environments to seemingly disappear and reappear at will, allowing small groups of ninja to easily overcome much larger numbers of unsuspecting foes. Most tales of the ninja’s abilities come from tales told by soldiers who have fled the sudden attacks by groups of ninja and returned home in disgrace. As such, these reports tend to be exaggerated and blown out of proportion. What is not exaggerated, however, is that a skilled ninja warrior is a truly deadly opponent.

Primary: Attack Magic (M)
Secondary: Lightning Elemental, Area Effect
The ninja calls upon the spirits of the air to immolate his foes with blasts of lightning.

Primary: Break Art (Power, Magic, Spirit or Armor, depending on the element)
The ninja calls upon an elemental spirit to weaken his opponent. Fire Jutsu will weaken Magic, Water Jutsu will weaken Strength, Thunder Jutsu will weaken Armor, and Earth Jutsu will weaken Spirit.

Primary: Attack Magic (M)
Secondary: Fire Elemental, Area Effect
With this attack, the ninja calls upon fire spirits for aid, causing the battlefield to become blanketed in flames.

Primary: Attack Magic (M)
Secondary: Water Elemental, Area Effect
With this attack, the ninja calls upon local water spirits for aid, who answer with a massive wave of water to wash his enemies away.

Primary: Invulnerability (Physical)
By rapidly disappearing and reappearing from his surroundings, the ninja is able to create illusionary images of himself surrounding either himself or any one of his allies. Opponents will strike at the illusions instead of the real target, granting the target immunity to physical attacks for that round.

Primary: Inflicts Stun
A barrage of small, lightweight throwing darts are thrown at an opponent, piercing clothes, flaps of skin or other nonvital areas, and nailing the enemy to the spot, allowing the ninja to disappear into his surroundings uninterrupted or to continue his assault on the immobilized victim.

Primary: Inflicts Poison
Secondary: Area Effect
A variation of the Smoke Bomb, the gas that this bomb spreads upon detonation is laced with a potent poison, allowing the ninja to weaken his opponents while remaining in hiding.

Primary: Power Attack (S)
The shuriken is one of the ninja’s most commonly used and most widely recognized weapons. Small bladed throwing weapons with anywhere from three to ten points, these can be hurled with great speed and accuracy at an opponents vital points. A skilled ninja can throw dozens of shurikens in rapid succession, engulfing foes in a hail of blades.

Primary: Inflicts Blind
Secondary: Area Effect
One of the ninja’s trademark tools, the smoke bomb blankets an area in thick black smoke upon detonation, obscuring his foes’ vision and making the ninja harder for his foes to spot.