Outfit Female

Outfits are the choice attire for dancers, gypsies, and some obscure mage women. They vary in appearance, length, and how revealing they are. It includes Dresses, Tunics, and Bikinis. and Many outfits are commonly worn, such as the Dancer Dress, while others are rarely chosen becuase of how they look, such as the Chain Bikini with Chainmail Skirt. Whatever your character fancies is up to her, but be prepared to get some looks.

Note: Outfits are 5-point armors.

Note: Descriptions will be added soon. Just use your imagination until then.

Silk Dress +20 +2 none
Dancer Dress +30 +3 none
Velvet Dress +50 +4 none
Warm Colors +80 +6 Fire Resistance
Gypsy's Outfit +100 +10 Wind Resistance
Forest Tunic +130 +14 Earth Resistance
White Bikini with Veil Skirt +160 +18 Holy Immunity, Shadow Weakness
Cool Colors +200 +20 Ice Resistance
Chain Bikini with Chainmail Skirt +250 +25 Physical Defense, Magical Weakness
Babelicious Bikini with Shiny Veil Skirt +350 +35 Magical Defense