Purchasing Skills and Techs

Using this system, characters do not automatically learn their skills and powers by gaining levels. Instead, they must learn the skill from a guild or master, for a price. Note that the character must still spend the necessary amount of Tech Points or Skill Points to learn the ability. Otherwise, he may not buy it.

Techs cost an amount of gold as per the following chart. If the character is upgrading an older Tech, subtract the price of the current Tech Level from the price of the new Tech Level. New characters may begin play with whatever Techs they can learn with their starting Tech Points, at no cost in gold. A character's maximum learnable Tech Levels is determined normally; however, characters with Blue Magic have only 2 / 3 as many maximum Tech Levels as normal. This is to balance the fact that Blue Mages do not have to pay to learn their powers.

1 100
2 500
3 1,200
4 2,000
5 3,000
6 4,500

If the Optional Skill System is used, players must pay to learn them as well. Skills cost an amount of G equal to (New Skill Level) squared * 25 GP. Note that the character must also expend the appropriate amount of Skill Points to learn the skill. All characters begin play with any skills they can buy with their starting number of Skill Points, at no cost in gold.

1 25
2 100
3 200
4 350
5 500
6 700
7 900
8 1,200

The Master may also require that the players spend a certain amount of time studying, training, and practicing to master the new technique. The time required is equal to one day per level of the Tech, or the level that the Skill will be after training is complete. If the player is upgrading a Tech, the number of days of training required is equal to the new Tech Level minus the old Tech Level.

Note to Masters: If you choose to use the system of buying Skills and Techs, it is recommended that you increase the amount of gold given by monsters. If you do not, the characters may lag behind in either their equipment or their abilities. However, if you want a more low-powered campaign, this may be just perfect- just be careful not to overwhelm your players with powerful monsters.