One of the magic-using classes that specializes in one of the four natural elements, the Pyromancer is a master of fire. His incantations create fantastic displays of pyrotechnics that are as deadly as they are beautiful and mesmerizing. The flames of a Pyromancer are as hot as the breath of a red dragon, and his attacks often leave nothing but ash and smoke in their wake.

Fire Bolt
Primary: Attack Magic (Medium)
Elemental: Fire
With this simple but effective spell, the Pyromancer conjures a small amount of elemental fire and hurls it at the target.

Fire Bomb
Primary: Attack Magic (Medium)
Secondary: Area Effect
Elemental: Fire
Essentially a more powerful Fire Bolt, this spell creates a highly explosive globe of flame that, when thrown and detonated, explodes with tremendous force.

Flame Blade
Primary: Stat Booster (Strength)
Elemental: Fire
Imbuing the weapon of an ally with the power of fire, this spell can cause even the simplest weapon to inflict great damage.

Primary: Fatal Blow
Secondary: Single Use
Concentrating a tremendous amount of heat energy on a single target, the Pyromancer is able to reduce even the most powerful foe to mere ashes in a matter of seconds.

Inferno Soul
Primary: Absorbency (Fire)
Secondary: Self-Only
No Pyromancer fears fire, but for the most powerful among them, fire is not only a weapon, but a source of life itself.

Primary: Attack Magic (Strong)
Secondary: Area Effect, +2 Boost
Elemental: Fire
This devastating spell is the most powerful attack in a Pyromancer's arsenal. A massive wave of molten lava crashes through the area, melting anything in its path with incredible heat.

Obsidian Blade
Primary: Power Attack (Strong)
This spell conjures a jet-black sword of volcanic glass, magically enhanced to be both unbreakable and razor-sharp. Though it vanishes after a single attack, its power as a weapon is unmistakable.

Volcanic Ash
Primary: Status Effect (Blind, Poison)
Secondary: Area Effect
A small explosion releases a thick cloud of cinders and ash amongst the enemy's ranks. This burning smoke is not only harmful to the eyes, but is even more dangerous when inhaled.

Weapons Fire
Primary: Break Arts (Strength)
Secondary: Area Effect, Special Limitation (-1)
With the chanting of this spell, the armaments of the Pyromancer's enemies are superheated to extreme temperatures. Metal and stone weapons grow too hot to handle before gradually melting; wooden weapons such as bows burst into flames and eventually burn into nothing. Obviously, this spell can only be used against opponents carrying weapons.