Sacred Blade


Primary: Strength Boost
Secondaries: Self-only
Focusing on the chants that gives him strength, and the disciplines that he follows, He gains so much strength it's terrorifying to the enemy against him.

Primary: Haste
The same as the Time Mages spell, Haste used by Templar allow their normally slow bodies, due to armor, move at an inhuman pace.

Primary: Revenge (Level 4)
Taking the damage he has sustained and using it against the enemy, Lifebreak deals the same amount of damage he has recieved and delivers it onto the enemy with the swing of his weapon.

Piercing Cry
Primary: Speed Break
Secondaries: Area Effect
The piercing cry of a Templar is so unnerving, it actually makes the legs of the enemies shake in terror, causing them to lose speed and allowing the Templar to catch up.

Primary: Attack Magic (M)
Secondaries: MP Attack, Drain 25%
Rasp is the classic MP Drain attack. The Templar uses this against mages who would otherwise be using their MP to defeat the Templar. Becuase of this handy spell, many mages of evil have fallen to the Templar.

Primary: Seal
Another spell used against mages is the Silence spell. Used to prevent the Mages from speaking their incantations, Silence has become one of the most needed spells in the Templar's arsenal when dealing with mages.

Soul Sphere
Primary: Attack Magic (W)
Secondaries: MP Attack
Conjuring a sphere of energy containing the magics to damage the magical resevoirs inside a mage's body, Soul Sphere is launched at a mage at a speed they cannot escape, and it passes through them, taking some magic with it.