No Sandman (aka Dark Samurai) is ever seen without his special namesake, Sand. When not in the midst of a battle this is used to evoke worlds within a sleeper's mind as they lie peacefully unconscious. When in battle the Sandmen are known for their creativity (and sometimes sadism) of utilizing their sand to avoid harm.

Crushed Stone 2 - - - - 30
REM Sand 4 - - - - 75
Faerie Dust 6 - - - - 200
Epiphany 8 Immunity: Sleep 400
Illusory Snow 10 Resistance: Blizzard or Water 600
Fictional Ash 12 Immunity: Fire or Earth 1,000
Surreal Glass 14 Absorption: Wind or Lightning 1,500
Epic Weaver 16 Immunity: Zombie 2,500
False Awakening 18 - - - - 4,000
Lucid Fantasy 23 Defense; Immunity: Sleep ARTIFACT

Crushed Stone
With a bit of the Dark Samurai's power he can turn crushed stone into a primordial version of dream sand. Sandman have been known to throw this in the face of an oncoming attacker.

REM Sand
Crushed stone but with added love.

Faerie Dust
Made out of sand from an incomprehensible world.

Dream Sand that has a rather paradoxical effect on it's owner. While it is used to keep a person asleep , Sandmen end up staying awake. If used improperly it can be highly addictive to the Sandman.

Illusory Snow
The first of the three elemental dream sands. This embodies the elements of ice and water.

Fictional Ash
The second of the three elemental dream sands. This embodies the elements of fire and earth.

Surreal Glass
The final elemental dream sand. This embodies the elements of wind and lightning. No one, except the Dark Samurai, knows why.

Epic Weaver
Also known as “Muse Invoker”, this dream sand can create stories within the realms of thought of those who are struck by it. Due to the constant energy it provides, Sandmen never find themselves stagnant and lacking imagination.

False Awakening
Dark Samurai often use this to make them appear in places in which they are not. They also use them to punish foes to undergo a false awakening for eternity.

Lucid Fantasy
Sometimes not even reality can affect you. It is said that one must travel through the Collective Unconscious to find such power…