Attack Dice: d10
Magic Dice: d6
Distribution: 5P/1M
Range: Short

Scythes are often used by the dark dragoons of Zodiac. They are meant to mirror the dragoon's spear set.

Weapon Name AP MAP Special Abilities Draw Out Cost
Dual Sickles +30 +0 Magical Attack 75
Battle Sickles +45 +0 Magical Attack 150
Myrthril Scythe +60 +0 +6 Agility Demi Attack 400
Storm Scythe +80 +0 Lightning Affinity Magical Attack (Wind) 800
Reaper Scythe +100 +10 Drain Weapon 55% D. Sentence 1,200
Wyrm Scythe +120 +20 Human Slayer Magical Attack 2,000
Shadow Scythe +140 +30 Shadow Affinity Immunity Shadow 3,000
Dragoon Sickles +160 +40 Regen 5,000
Diamond Scythe +180 +50 Inflict Seal Demi Attack 8,000
Two Moons +230 +70 Keen Edge; Inflict Blind Haste -

Dual Sickles
A simple set of farmers hand sickles.

Battle Sickles
A pair of sickles meant for war.

Mythril Scythe
A scythe with a blade of mythril. Surprisingly light despite its size.

Storm Scythe
Can bring a devastating shock to foes. Can unleash a hurricane from within.

Reaper Scythe
Made to look like it could be adorn by the grim reaper in battle.

Wyrm Scythe
Since Dark Dragoon's take the "become the dragon" rather literally, this allows them to take on the dragon hunters.

Shadow Scythe
Made out of pure darkness.

Dragoon Sickles
A pair of sickles adorned with dragon scales.

Diamond Scythe
Coated with a poison that causes mages to lose focus in battle.

Two Moons
A legendary pair of sickles that can bring on destruction or peace, it is for the wielder to decide.