Soul Dolls

Dark Keybladers carry key rings for two reasons. The first reason is so that they have a place to put their key chains and the second reason is to have a Soul Doll hanging on it to protect them. Sure it may seem superstitious, but this has been a practiced effort for them and it doesn’t seem like they’re going to stop this trend anytime soon.
But the Dark Keyblader claims that these are creatures that become their personal guardians. Maybe they’re right.

Name Evasion Special Cost
Voodoo Doll 2 - 30
Poppet 4 - 75
Smile 6 - 200
Masked Man 8 Immunity: Confused 400
Red Man 10 - 600
Ronin 12 Immunity: Slow 1,000
Summon 14 - 1,500
The Hero 16 - 2,500
The Self 18 +11 Vitality 4,000
The Allies 23 +23 Agility, El. Resistance1 ARTIFACT

Vended Doll
You know those Voo-Doo dolls you can get for a few quarters? Dark Keybladers know of them as well.

A simple hand crafted doll.

Whether it’s a small stuffed animal or a fond childhood memorabilia this can actually be used as a guard for the Dark Keyblader. It was dubbed the “Smile” for the nostalgic effect it has.

Masked Man
This is actually a superhero representation of a Soul Doll.

Red Man
This Soul Doll represents the battle loving characters in many forms of media.

The wanderer. The nomadic warrior. The Man With No Name. This Soul Doll is the very essence of it.

The Summon
Bahamut, Ifrit, Shiva, Golem, or what-have-you the Dark Keyblader’s favorite summon goes here.

The Hero
Who does the Dark Keyblader look up to and aspire to be? Just take a look at this Soul Doll and you’ll found out.

The Self
The Dark Keyblader must understand the importance of the Self in order to continue down the path he has chosen.

The Allies
Human connection. Without this their would be no reason to fight, and no reason to continue. The Allies represents the Dark Keyblader’s rag-tag motley that they are journeying with.