Soul Jars

A soul jar looks like a small mason jar. The chef archetypes use their great forks to steal the soul of a weakened enemy and place it in the soul jar for consuming. The necromancer archetypes will have spirits waiting in there so they can use them for rituals.

Cracked Jar 2 - - - - 30
Tarnished Jar 4 - - - - 75
Soul Jar 6 - - - - 200
Sea Shell 8 Immune: Water 400
Obsidian Jar 10 Immune: Fire 600
Mythril Jar 12 - - - - 1,000
Arctic Glass 14 Immune: Blizzard 1,500
Graveyard Bell 16 Immune: Holy 2,500
Crystal Jar 18 Immune: Earth 4,000
Chasm Crock 23 Immune: Seal; +12 Resist ARTIFACT

Cracked Jar
A broken mason jar. Still reliable.

Tarnished Jar
At least it's not cracked…

Soul Jar
Polished and sheen. A true soul jar.

Sea Shell
The spirit of the ocean dwells within.

Obsidian Jar
A byproduct of solidified magma. Can be made a shiny black brittle jar.

Mythril Jar
A jar made of mythril.

Artic Glass
Made from ice that never melts.

Graveyard Bell
People were once so afraid to be buried alive that they had bells attached to their coffins in case they woke up. These also make fine specimens for soul jars.

Crystal Jar
Made from the very essence of earth.

Chasm Crock
The outside of the jar looks like it is made of dark glass, the inside of this jar holds an abyss. Any fool who looks into this jar suddenly gets a sense of vertigo as if they are falling.