Spears (Dark Blue)

RANGE: Short

These dark blue mages were raised by the wild. They are the most animal like of all the other archetypes. Despite their feral demeanor, they are quick learners and take on the "way of the beast" when it comes to blue magic. They use crude spears to aid them in their journey.

Blue Steel 20 10 - - - - 75
Rune Blue Steel 30 15 - - - - 150
Dark Blue Steel 40 20 - - - - 400
Hunter's Chance 50 30 +11 Agility 800
Thunderbolt 70 40 Lightning El. 1,200
Meteorite 90 50 Keen Edge 2,500
Comet Fall 110 60 - - - - 3,000
Cockatrice Gaze 130 70 30% Sap 5,000
Sapphire Spear 150 80 Drain Weapon 8,000
R'lyeh1 200 100 +11 Vitality; 30% Sleep ARTIFACT

Blue Steel
Every Dark Blue Mage starts off with the first three weapons in their set as the same. The weapons might be different but the material is not.

Rune Blue Steel
More powerful than Blue Steel.

Dark Blue Steel
A Dark Blue Mage’s symbol weapon.

Hunter's Chance
The first exclusive weapon for the primal warrior dark blue mage. They often feel the rush of energy as they know the hunt is on.

Like fire, this was stolen from the gods. However it is not as powerful in the hands of a mere mortal.

It sometimes leaves a crater behind. Not to say that's a bad thing

Comet Fall
This spear has no blade on its head, just a round ball. It still hurts though.

Cockatrice Gaze
The blade is shaped like the head of the evil beast. Those who are struck by it may feel their life perish away.

Sapphire Spear
A rare spear used to heal the fighter. The strange thing, is that the primal dark blue mage doesn't know it.

There lies an ancient city of non-euclidean architecture. In it dwells a being that slumbers. One must be prepared to lose a piece of their mind upon entering…