With Speechcraft, a character is able to sway allegiances, inspire allies, or demoralize opponents. It might benefit an Orator to place Area Effect on some of the following Techniques.

Primary: Status Effect (Charm)
Orators use this skill to persuade foes to become allies.

Primary: Status Effect (Stun)
Talking to an opponent can sometimes halt them mid-battle.

Primary: Stat Booster (Power Boost)
Praising your allies strengths and feats, they suddenly become more confident and self-assured.

Primary: Break Arts (Armor Break)
Playing upon the doubts and fears of your opponents, they become less confident and self-conscious.

Primary: Stat Booster (Magic Boost)
Preaching the miracles of life, your allies spiritual power rises.

Primary: Break Arts (Spirit Break)
Using cold logic and science, you decrease your opponent's belief in magic, and therefore, their resistance to it.

Primary: Status Effect (Death Sentence)
You use your nature with words to convince your opponent that their demise is imminent.

Primary: Steal Gold
Weaving a sad tale, you convince your target to give you some money.

Primary: Status Effect (Berserk)
Using infuriating words and gestures, you drive your target to the point of blind fury.

Mimic Darlavon
Primary: Status Effect (Sleep)
Copying the techniques of your old professor, you use uninteresting words and dull tales to induce slumber.