Spellcasters commonly stick to one route, but there are those that use it with their great melee capabilities, Spellblade spells are used by magic knights

Primary: Power Attack
Secondary: Lesser Status Effect: Poison
A wave of venoms and various poisons runs through your blade, sapping anyone who crosses it's path.

Primary: Status Effect: Stone
You blade touches their skin and they slowly morph into a stone statue of themselves.

Demi Blade
Primary: Demi Attack
The magic knight's cleaves through an enemy's body, removing a large portion of their life.

Primary: Power Attack
Secondary: Drain Attack
A thought of vampirism runs through your head, your opponent suddenly weakens, and you've found new life.

Primary: Power Attack
Secondary: Elemental
As with a Black Mage's elemental spells, are carried in numerous variants, some charge blades with lightning ready to strike, though some imbue it with roaring wind, as well, they commonly make new ones at higher levels than the previous stages, and this sums up the majority of their abilities.

Primary: Power Attack (Strong)
Secondary: Area Effect
Your blade plunges into the ground causing heavy powerful energies to decimate your opponents

Primary: Power Attack (Strong)
Secondary: Holy Elemental
You charge your blade with searing light, and rend through those in your way.

Soul Cutter
Primary: Demi Attack
Secondary: MP Attack
Your blade slices cleanly through your target's soul, not letting their body weaken, but their mind instead.

Primary: Power Attack (Weak)
Secondary: Lesser Status Effect: Poison, Silence, or Sleep
Blades rend, but yours debilitate, causing massive harm to your target.

Osmosis Strike
Primary: Power Attack
Secondary: Drain Attack, MP Attack
Your blade grows with an unnatural thirst for magic, and before you know it, your blade is through your opponent, and you feel newly invigorated.