Spirit Magic


Earth Heal
Primary: Healing (S)
The stronger of the curative spells at the Elementalist's command, orange-yellow light surrounds the chosen person and starts sealing their wounds with the energy of the earth spirits.

Unique: Debilitate
If the foe's inner element isn't to the Elementalist's liking, she uses her ability to shift it's elemental affinity to something else. If the new elemental weakness is acceptable, the Elementalist smiles and unleashes the wrath of the spirits against them.

Evil Gaze
Primary: Attack Magic (W)
Secondaries: Shadow Elemental, Lesser Confuse
The eyes of the Elementalist meets the eyes of her enemy. Suddenly, darkness swirls in her eyes as her Evil Gaze begins to hurt the enemy, and its mind is swept into confusion as the pain engulfs its entire mind and body.

Fire Whip
Primary: Attack Magic (M)
Secondary: Fire Elemental, Lesser Stop
The Elementalist takes her weapon as flames dance off of it, and whips it around a few times. the flames get longer and longer, until they are a whip-like appendage to the weapon. THe Elementalist whips the Fire Whip around, and binds it around the target, causing heavy magical fire damage. Weaker foes aren't able to escape the fiery pain, and are forced to stand there motionless.

Heavy Dust
Primary: Attack Magic (W)
Secondaries: Earth Elemental, Lesser Stone
A duststorm blows around a single enemy, gathering more and more earthy dust. It then starts shrinking around the target, covering the foe in heavy dust. It is so packed with heavy earth that the Target becomes the earth itself, in the form of a statue.

Shining Air
Primary: Attack Magic (M)
Secondaries: Area Effect, Wind Elemenmtal, Lesser Blind
THe wind blows across the battlefield, surrounding all targets. Within the air is a brilliant glittery dust. When the light passes through the dust, it creates a bright light. The wind gets stronger and brighter, until it is a ripping gale and the light it too much to bear. Blinding the enemy, The Elementalist has the advantage.

Primary: Attack Magic (M)
Secondaries: Water Elemental, Lesser Slow
It starts to rain onto the field, and the Elementalist ask the water spirits to gather the water around the legs of a single foe, and make them suffer. The Water Spirits do so, and deals heavy magical water damage to the enemy, while maybe causing them to not move as fast.

Thunderous Roar
Primary: Attack Magic (W)
Secondaries: Lightning Elemental, Lesser Seal
The Elementalist causes a storm to roll in, and ask the Storm spirits to grant her the power to have her foe's respect her. Doing So, the Storm Spirits grant her a roar of thunderous proportions, It is so loud and commanding that all that hears it are silenced for the remainder of the battle, or until they cure their muted voice.

White Flame
Primary: Healing (M)
Secondaries: Area Effect
The party is surrounded by White Fire, but instead of being burned by it, the recieve no wounds as they are restored to their former glory. Not as strong as Earth Heal, but affects a wider area. Encompassing the party in healing fire, The Elementalist thanks the fire spirits and gets on with the battle.