Spirits (Guards)

The Elementalist uses the spirits she can either buy and / or befriend as her protection. Most of these Spirits grant her protection from their elements, but the opposite element will usually cause the Elementalist some pain. Spirits have been known to even increase an Elementalist's magical potency a bit, but whether this is true or not is only known to the Elementalist and her Spirit she is bonded with art that time.

Whisper +2 none
Fire Spirit +4 Fire Immunity, Ice Weakness
Storm Spirit +6 Lightning Immunity, Water Weakness
Earth Spirit +8 Earth Immunity, Wind Weakness
Ice Spirit +10 Ice Immunity, Fire Weakness
Water Spirit +12 Water Immunity, Lightning Weakness
Wind Spirit +14 Wind Immunity, Earth Weakness
Dark Spirit +16 Shadow Immunity, Holy Weakness
Magical Spirit +18 Magic Defense
Friendly Spirit +23 Seal Immunity, Resist +12

A simple spirit, appearing as a ball of wispy light, with nothing special about it. Only the Elementalist can here its soft voice.

Fire Spirit
A Fire Spirit, appearing as a small flame. Grants the Elementalist the power of the flame, nulling all damage from Fire, but doubling it from Ice.

Storm Spirit
Formerly called Lightning Spirit, since they appears near lightning strikes, Storm Spirits actually live in the Storms of the world. They appear as tiny storm clouds that have lighning dancing within them. They are quite mischeavious, liking to shock people unexpectantly. They grant the Elementalist Lightning Immunity, but they suffer when submerged with water.

Earth Spirit
A simple Earth Spirit, looking like floating stone with quartz spikes, granting it's sturdy element onto the Elementalist, but it hates it when harsh winds blow.

Ice Spirit
They appear as very large snowflakes, and dance around their Elementalist buddy with glee. They grant the Elementalist the ability to take no damage from ice, but double from fire.

Water Spirit
A ball of water with long watery tentacles, Water Spirits grant their Elementalist friend Water Immunity and Lightning Weakness.

Wind Spirit
The Wind spirit is usually confused with a dustdevil, but can be confirmed a Wind spirit if it makes it's own path against the blowing wind. The Elementalist with this friend has Immunity to Wind, but takes Double damage from Earth-based attacks.

Dark Spirit
A vile spirit full of dark intentions. It looks like an oily black ball that doesn't refract light. Elementalists with this Spirit as a guard are granted Shadow Immunity, but become weak to the Holy elements.

Magical Spirit
A Spirit made of pure magic, it absorbs a little magic from magical attacks, cutting down on how much damage the Elementalist recieves.

Friendly Spirit
This spirit maybe an ancestor to the Elementalist, or a dearly departed friend, or just wants to be friends with her. Friendly spirits appear however they want to appear to their Elementalist, and would do anything for her to insure her victory.