Storm Magic

Storm magic is the specialty of storm mages. While other types of magic are drawn from inner reserves of magical power, storm magic relies on speed as many violent rains and winds are known for. Not all storm magic is destructive however, and with it comes some of the most beneficial abilities possible.

Unless otherwise noted, the following techs have Charge Power as a secondary.

Primary: Status Effect (Regen)
This tech does not have Charge Power as a secondary.
While by nature most storms are violent, the storm mage can bring a calm rain to heal their allies, booth in mood and in health.

Primary: Status Effect (Blind)
Calling down a lightning bolt doesn't always deal direct damage to an enemy, it may instead blind them from the sudden discharge of light.

Primary: Status Effect (Stun)
Winds can buffet the storm mage's opponents about in such a cruel manner that it takes all their energy just to hold their ground.

Primary: Attack Magic (Medium)
Elemental: Wind
The storm mages Has the basic ability to bring whipping winds upon their opponents.

Lightning Storm
Primary: Attack Magic (Medium)
Elemental: Lightning
One of the storm mage's staple abilities is being able to call down a bolt of lightning to strike their foes.

Primary: Attack Magic (Medium)
Elemental: Water
A basic magic, wherein the storm mage calls a torrential rain upon their opponent.

Primary: Healing (Medium)
This tech does not have Charge Power as a secondary.
Rains called by the storm mage don't always bring pain. Many wash clean the wounds of battle, soothing the storm mage's allies.

Primary: Stat Booster (Speed)
Secondary: Self-Only
As the storm mages energy feeds the storm, so too does the storm hasten their speed.

Primary: Status Effect (Seal)
Close proximity to the kind of storms summoned by the storm mage can render someone deaf due to the crashes of thunder.