Summoning Aeon System


Everyone who is a Final Fantasy Fanatic knows what Summons, Esper, Guardian Forces, Eidolons, Aeons, and Avatars refer to, but for those that don't know here is a definition… or summary

Summons: (Final Fantasy series) A powerful spell, often in the form of an arcane being or entity, that is cast by characters in battle, to do more damage then a typical spell. Summons officially came into Final Fantasy in the actual third installation of Final Fantasy (FFIII). From that game on, there have been Summons in every FInal Fantasy, though their names usually change with each installment.

FFIII: Summons
FFIV: Summons / Eidolons (DS)
FFV: Summons
FFVI: Espers
FFVII: Summons
FFVIII: Guardian Forces
FFIX: Eidolons
FFX: Aeons (First game to allow Summons as 'battle partners')
FFXI: Avatars
FFXII: Espers
FFXIII: Eidolons

FFX to FFXIII alllows Summons to join battle, side by side with thier Summoner (the character that brings the Summon into battle).

There are 2 types of Summons in today's Final Fantasy: Call Summons and Summoned Summons. Call Summons are basically a single, extremy long, spell that deals a large amount of damage. Summoned Summons are the 'battle partner' summons, that either act on their own, or are commanded by the Summoner.

Well, Enough about how Summons came to be and their purpose in battles, Let's get to how you can create them for your ZODIAC Final Fantasy RPG campaign.


These summons are simple to create. All they are are Strong Attack Magic Techs with Area Effect and Amplify (Amplify: +25% AP or MAP (+1 MP Level Cost)), sometimes with an Element attached along with it. For Status Effect Summons (lIke Hades), it's the Status Effect Primary with Area Effect and Accurate (Accurate: +5 ACC or MACC per Tech Level (+1 MP Level Cost), to use with Negative Status Effects). That's basically it. If you want a differant type of Summon, maybe one like Fenrir, There's not much you can do except just add Area Effect, and restrict your players from having any Area Effect Boost, Breaks, or Demi Attacks.

Example: Serah just recieved Shiva as her first Summon. The Master explains that Shiva is a Second-Level Strong Attack Magic with Area effect, Amplify, and Ice Elemental. Serah begins to set the damage formula up for Shiva. Once finished, They continue.
During the course of the campaign, Serah meets a bunch of Bombs, a fire based monster that can explode and hurt characters very badly. When Serah's Turn comes up, She summons Shiva. Serah has an MAP of 72, which Amplifies to 90. Being a Level Two Attack Magic, it is increased by another 45 points, making the total now 135 points. Shiva performs her stunning, cold, and damaging 'Diamond Dust' attack. Serah's die class is d10, so she rolls two d12s, and comes up with a total of 10. Not bad. It deals 235 ice damage. Because it is a second-level tech, and that the Bombs are weak to Ice, it remains at 235. If the Bombs were not weak to Ice, it would have done only 117 damage.

Here's a few examples of other popular summons as Called Summons

Ifrit (Lv 2 S Attack Magic; Amplify, Area Effect, Fire Elemental)
Ramuh (Lv 2 S Attack Magic; Amplify, Area Effect, Lightning Elemental)
Titan (Lv 3 S Attack Magic; Amplify, Area Effect, Earth Elemental)
Siren (Lv 2 Seal; Accurate, Area Effect) {Note: Siren's Seal effect is (-25+MACC)/2 due to being Level 2.}


Download the Esperian Grimoire here. Additional info will be added soon.