Sword Tech

Sword Tech is the name given to the variety of impressive attacks used by highly trained and skillful swordsmen. These knights are able to command powers far beyond what the typical swordsman is capable of. Though most commonly used with a sword, other warriors have been known to adapt the technique to a variety of other melee weapons, including daggers, axes, and even polearms.

Primary: Attack Magic (S)
Focusing his energy and slashing midair, the swordsman launches a brutal shockwave that crashes into a single target and explodes in a shower of energy.

Primary: Fatal Blow
Secondary: Area Effect

Plunging his sword into the ground, the swordsman releases an explosion of dark spiritual energy like a thunderclap. All who oppose the master of this power are annihilated by countless blades of pure force that rip through the area, shredding them to pieces.

Primary: Power Attack (M)
Secondary: Area Effect

Whirling around with incredible speed, the swordsman spins through the battlefield like a buzzsaw, slashing everything in range.

Primary: Power Attack (S)
One of the most basic, but also one of the most powerful, attacks that any swordsman learns is Dispatch. Focusing his energy, he streaks towards the target and delivers a powerful blow.

Primary: Power Attack (S)
Secondary: Drain Attack

Using this power, the swordsman’s spirit leaves his body and executes a powerful attack on a single target, absorbing the victim’s life force into itself before dissolving back into its rejuvenated body.

Primary: Revenge
A power that draws on the negative emotions of its user, Minus Strike grows in power as its master’s health declines. A gravely injured warrior can use this Tech to turn the tables on his unsuspecting opponents.

Unique: Quadra Slam
One of the most impressive of a swordsman’s abilities is the Quadra Slam. Charging through the area and executing a series of lightning-fast attacks, he can attack four enemies at once, dealing half damage to each.

Primary: Demi Attack
Targeting a vital area with a powerful attack, the swordsman who successfully uses the Slash power will reduce his opponent’s Hit Points by a third. With further training, the attack can become even more powerful, cutting its target’s health in half.

Primary: Power Attack (M)
Secondary: Area Effect, Inflicts Stun

This powerful attack creates a storm of energy that rains down upon the swordsman’s foes, dealing heavy damage and disrupting their senses, stunning them for one round.