Magic Tarot Cards


Tarotmasters command the Tarot cards they weild, becuase they aren't just any Tarot cards, they are magic Tarot cards. Each card has it's own purpose, and the Tarotmaster knows how to effectively use them to her advantage

Bishop Card
Unique: Esuna
When the Tarotmaster pulls the Bishop card, a vision of a Bishop appears and grants the person the Tarotmaster points to a cure of all ill ailments bestowed upon them at that time. With the negative status effects gone, the person can fight on without needing to use a single curative.

Death Card
Primary: Fatal-Blow
Secondaries: Random Target -1, Backfire
The Death Card is a double-edged blade when the Tarotmaster decides to draw this powerful card. Despite being able to kill any one enemy that death may or may not chose, it has a downside. Sometimes Death may want to rob the energy from the Tarotmaster herself. This has cost many a Tarotmaster their life, becuase they decide to overuse and abuse the power of Death himself.

Gil Card
Primary: Confuse
Secondaries: Area Effect
The Tarotmaster draws upon the magic of this card to cause phantasmic riches to fall from the heavens. This causes the greed of her enemies to overcome themselves and make them fight eachother, or hurt themselves trying to collect the riches.

Grail Card
Primary: Healing
The Grail card blesses a single chosen ally a drink of wine that replenishes one with energy and heals their wounded flesh. THe grail then disappears until needed to bring back the health of another ally.

Hermit Card
Primary: Frog
Secondaries: Area Effect
The Hermit Card calls upon the phantasm known as the Frog Sage. He rants about his age and calls everything that stands before his Tarotmaster 'Inferior to even the frogs that worship him'. So to make them more superior, He changes them into those that can worship him… Toads. but before they can decide to worship the old cag, he disappears and they face the Tarotmaster and her allies, hoping they don't croak before it's over with.

Lovers Card
Primary: Charm
Secondaries: Area Effect
The Tarotmaster pulls this card for trickery of the heart. Whatever is affected by it's magic will believe the Tarotmaster is theit one true love, for a little while. The Tarotmaster can't order them around, but they will do anything for her, including attack their own allies.

Magician Card
Primary: Magic Boost
Secondaries: Area Effect
This card calls forth the phantasmic Magus, a very powerful Black Mage, who offers the entire party a word of wisdom, and grants them his magical prowess in the form of an aura of focused concentrated magical power.

Moon Card
Primary: Attack Magic (M)
Secondaries: Lesser Seal, Shadow Elemental
The Tarotmaster pulls from her deck the Moon Card. Day will turn to night for a few moments as the moon shines and blast a single enemy with intense dark energy. This energy can cause the enemy so much pain, that it stops them from using their abilities.

Sabre Card
Primary: Attack Magic (S)
One of the first cards a Tarotmaster perfects is the Sabre card. It summons three magical blades that float arround the target at high speeds. Then, by the Tarotmaster's signal, they skewer the target delivering massive magical damage.

Staff Card
Primary: Stun
Secondaries: Area Effect
The Tarotmaster activates the magic in this card to call forth dozens of wooden staffs from the heavens that slam into all targets, causing them to be stunned by pain while the staffs that came from above disappear.

Star Card
Primary: Regen
Secondaries: Area effect
Day turns to night for a few moments, and a single star shines brightly above the Tarotmaster and her party. It's light grants them a gift that keeps on giving; Regeneration. When the star disappears, the entire party can continue fighting with a better hope that they don't need to use their restoratives.

Strength Card
Primary: Strength Boost
Secondaries: Area effect
The Tarotmaster's party looks to need a pick-me-up, so she delivers with this card. By using it's magic, the Tarotmaster calls forth a phnatasm of legendary proportions: The Warrior Of Light. He offers the party his strength in battle, then disappears, turning into their aura of strength.

Sun Card
Primary: Attack Magic (M)
Secondaries: Lesser Blind, Holy Elemental
The Tarotmaster calls forth the energy of the Sun Card. The very sun glows brightly and fires a beam of light at a single enemy. The light is so intense, it can cause blindness while searing the skin with holy energy.

Tower Card
Primary: Attack Magic (S)
Secondaries: Lightning Elemental
The Tower Card creates a tower from the very earth where a single enemy stood. It now stands atop a massive tower of rock and stone, and a storm quickly moves in. Suddenly, a massive lightning bolt strikes the tower and foe, causing both to collapse back to the earth

Wheel Card
Primary: DSentence
Secondaries: Random -1
An Upright wheel appears once this card is used. It has all the enemies' faces on it, along with a few slots that say 'Safe' and 'Won't Do'. The Tarotmaster gives the wheel a big spin, and awaits the final result. If it lands on an enemy, then death will came them in a matter of seconds. If its 'Safe'. Then they are lucky. If its 'Won't Do.' they they are probably immune to it.