MAG Above Average
VIT Below Average
SPR Above Average
AGI Below Average
Command Justice Card (Runic)
Support Mental Strength
Weapon Dagger (2P/4M)
Armor Dress (Enhanced)
Guard Earrings
Tech Set Magic Tarot Cards

Tarotmasters are an underappreciated class. Normally, They just work at carnivals or in small towns trying to earn themselves a living. But if invited into a party, they are a power that only a select few will dare face. With the power of their Magic Tarot cards, they can boost their allies up with power, diminish their foes' ability to fight, and even throw around a few offensive attacks from either Moon, Sabre, Sun, or Tower cards. They even have the power of Death himself in one of the Tarotmaster's cards, though sometimes unreliable. If a Tarotmaster is in the party, You can insure a promised victory for the team.