Tech Sets

If you are using the Tech Creation rules, then you should know that any kind of tech can be made with it, from the simpliest Black magics like Fire, Thunder and Blizzard, to the powerful Knight power Minus Strike. Whatever you fancy in Techs, be Black magic, Art of war, or even Bardsong, it's yours to create.
But if you can't figure out, or are unfamiliar with, your Final Fantasy class's abilities, scan through the pre-created tech sets below. Each is based off a certain class (listed after the Tech Set Name). Some are based off the abilities from Returners, while others are just random creations.

Alchemy (Chemist)
Archery (Archer)
Arts of War (Knight)
Battle Skill (Fighter)
Bestial Power (Berserkerr)
Black Magic (Black Mage)
Dark Sword (Dark Knight)
Dragon Arts (Dragoon)
Holy Sword (Paladin)
Martial Arts (Monk)
Ninjutsu (Ninja)
Speechcraft (Orator)
Spellblade (Magic Knight)
Sword Tech (Fighter)
Thievery (Thief)
Time Magic (Time Mage)
Tools (Engineer)
White Magic (White Mage)

Custom Techs Sets
Aquamancy (Aquamancer)
Assassination (Assassin)
Blood Magic (Dark White Mage)
Dark Arts (Necromancer)
Dragon's Wrath (Dark Dragoon)
Dream Sword (Dark Samurai)
GunTech (Gunslinger)
Life Warden
Lokkenky (Dark Keyblade Wielder)
Mage Slayer
Nature's Ways (Druid)
Pyromancy (Pyromancer)
Spirit Magic (Elementalist)
Storm Magic (Storm Mage)
Magic Tarot Cards (Tarotmaster)