Most Thieves wield daggers, but some equip short swords or boomerangs. Their armor options are limited to lightweight armor and vests. They are known for having moderate physical stats, low Defenses and Magic stats, and incredibly high Speed and Evasion. The most prominent ability of a Thief is to Steal items from their opponents. Many variations of this ability exist. With additional training, Steal can be upgraded to Mug, which steals items and inflicts damage. Other abilities of a Thief include "Flee," which allows a free escape from a battle, and "Alert", which prevents back attacks and sometimes pincer attacks.

Strength Average
Magic Below Average
Vitality Average
Spirit Below Average
Agility High
Command Steal
Support Quickness
Weapons Daggers (3P/3M), Short Swords (4P/2M), or Boomerangs (3P/3M, Long Range)
Armor Vests (Balance)
Guards Hats, Gloves, or Shoes
Tech Set Thievery