Thieves are a sneaky lot, and while they don't always have the strongest attacks or most flashy magic, they take up a strong support role, often times becoming the item-user or money tree. They do have one other incredibly useful skill however, the ability to steal almost anything.

Borrowed Time
Primary: Status Effect (Stop)
An unusual trick, thieves have somehow picked up the ability to steal time itself from their opponents, freezing them in place while the party moves in for the kill.

Primary: Status Effect (Blind)
In general, thieves are annoying. Party members may frown on this, but enemies are the only ones who actually find the talk to be distracting.

Primary: Fatal Blow
Secondary: Area Effect
While others would stay and fight, the thief prefers simply to run away. After all, those who fight and run away live to fight another day.

Primary: Power Attack (Weak)
Secondary: Steal as Well
Thieves are known to steal from their opponents in battle, but some eschew the sneakiness behind it and get right to to point (of the knife).

Pilfer HP
Primary: Power Attack (Weak)
Secondary: Drain Attack
Another in the thief's line of unusual abilities is the technique of stealing their opponents health.

Pilfer MP
Primary: Power Attack (Weak)
Secondary: Drain Attack
Secondary: MP Attack
Similar to the thief's ability to pilfer HP, they are also capable of stealing their opponent's magical energy. This makes them the bane of some mages.

Poison Sting
Primary: Power Attack (Weak)
Secondary: Lesser Status Attack (Poison)
Another ability taken from the assassin's profession, a thief coats their weapon in a special poison to cause their opponents agony.

Pommel Strike
Primary: Power Attack (Weak)
Secondary: Lesser Status Attack (Seal)
Thieves and mages don't get along to well when in combat with each other. This mostly stems from the fact that mages have all those fancy abilities to stop a thief in his tracks, and because thieves like the smash the mage's face in.

Sneak Attack
Primary: Near-Fatal Attack
Some thieves also dabble in the assassin's territory when it comes to their abilities. Sneak attacks will cripple an opponent in battle, but aren't always the easiest to set up.

Soul Swipe
Primary: Status Effect (Berserk)
Souls are universal, keeping balance within the bodies of both man and beast. When a soul is somehow severed from its body, the body flies into a rage that can only be soothed by the returning of the soul. That's right, thieves can steal your soul.

Primary: Stat Booster (Speed)
Secondary: Self-Only
Fleet of foot, thieves are known to be incredibly fast in battle, often times being elsewhere by the time a monster is ready to counter-attack.

Steal Armor
Primary: Break Arts (Armor)
Nobody likes going into battle without something to protect themselves. They like it even less when they do and their armor is taken from them.

Steal Gil
Primary: Steal Gold
Shiny things attract the eyes of thieves, doubly so if those things are round and a few centimeters wide. This is usually the main source of income for parties with a thief.

Steal Heart
Primary: Status Effect (Charm)
Some thieves tend to be vamps, convincing their opponents through seductive behaviors to join their side in battle.

Steal Weapon
Primary: Break Arts (Strength)
As with steal armor above, thieves like to take the weapons their opponents wield, weakening them by forcing them to uses their fists.