Time Magic

Time mages are those who have learned one of the most difficult and arguably most powerful areas of magic: the ability to manipulate the flow of time itself. While their magics are rarely awesome displays of raw magical power such as those wielded by black mages, time mages are no less effective in battle. Able to freeze foes in their tracks or move so quickly that they can win the battle before their enemy has a chance to act, a time mage can be invaluable in any battle. In addition to their control over time, time mages often also learn space manipulation magic to further improve their defensive and offensive capabilities.


Primary: Revenge
Time mages know that when they get hit, whatever energy hurts them had to come from somewhere. They can save up the elements that caused them pain and then release them on their opponents.


Primary: Status Effect (Berserk)
A time mage's control even extends to the way the mind percieves time. Targets of such an effect tend to go mad, and fly into a bestial rage.


Primary: Status Effect (Poison)
If a time mage so chooses, they can make their targets writhe and contort in agony simply by willing their bodies processes to function in ways not meant to be done.


Primary: Status Effect (Stone)
Time mages can cause the planet's plates to shift so rapidly as to entomb their opponents in stone.


Primary: Attack Magic (Medium)
One of the time mage’s few direct offensive spells, this spell calls a comet to crash down on an enemy from above.


Primary: Status Effect (DSentence)
The time mage is so in tune with the sands of time that they can increase the rate they flow. In other words, they can make old age come to their opponents much faster.


Primary: Immunity (Earth)
The simplest space-manipulation spell at a time mage’s disposal, this allows the target to float above the ground, protecting them from earth-based attacks.


Primary: Demi Attack
This spell compresses space around the target into a single point, crushing everything within the area.


Primary: Demi Attack
Secondary: Area Effect
As Gravity compresses around a single target, Graviga encompasses all the time mage's opponents, crushing them brutally.


Primary: Status Effect (Haste)
One of the core spells in a time mage’s repertoire, Haste allows the time mage to accelerate himself or one of his allies more quickly through the time stream, allowing them to act much more quickly than normal.


Primary: Status Effect (Haste)
Secondary: Area Effect
A more powerful version of the Haste spell, this accelerates time for the time mage and all of his allies.


Primary: Attack Magic (Strong)
Secondary: Area Effect
The ultimate evolution of the Comet spell, the Meteor spell rivals even the black mage’s Meteo for destructive power. This spell calls down a swarm of meteors to crash down upon a wide area, leaving nothing but rubble.


Primary: Status Effect (Seal)
Sound moves through a medium, and takes time to travel through it. The time mage removes that medium, forcing their target into silence.


Primary: Stat Booster (Speed)
Similar to Haste, the time mage accelerates time for one ally, increasing their speed relative to the other combatants. However, this spell is able to sustain the target’s increased speed for the entire duration of the battle.


Primary: Status Effect (Wall)
The time mage inverts space in front of his target, causing any magical attack that enters to instantly reverse direction and head back towards the caster.


Primary: Status Effect (Wall)
Secondary: Area Effect
As a time mage recognizes the use of saving one party member from harm, so do they recognize the benefits of keeping everyone from it. This spell warps space, wrapping it in such a way are to send the energies back at all opponents while simultaneously protecting all allies.