There are always a few oddball geniuses who spend their time tinkering with machines and building bizarre contraptions. Many times these inventions end in disaster, but sometimes a real gem comes through. Engineers are behind all the scientific advances in the world, and are capable of creating extremely powerful weaponry far beyond the technology of the times. Though they may not be powerful fighters or gifted mages, their high-tech guns, bombs, and lasers are more than enough to obliterate their enemies.

Primary: Power Attack (M)
Secondary: Area Effect

A commonly-used weapon among inventors and engineers, the Auto-Crossbow is like a crossbow combined with a machine gun. It fires a volley of metal bolts over a large area, damaging everything in range.

Primary: Power Attack (W)
Secondary: Inflict Poison, Area Effect

This diabolical weapon sprays the area with a cloud of toxic chemicals, choking and burning its victims and inflicting the Poison status effect.

Primary: Fatal Blow
A truly vicious weapon, the Chain Saw is difficult to wield correctly, but when it scores a hit, its victim is instantly killed.

Unique: Debilitate
The Debilitator is an example of an invention that doesn't work exactly as it should. Its purpose was originally to sap the target's resistance to a particular element; however, something went wrong. Though it does inflict a weakness on the enemy, the weakness is chosen at random and may end up completely useless. Skilled users, however, are more competent in the use of the quirky device, and may be able to get what they want out of it.

Primary: Power Attack (S)
A massive drill that consumes huge amounts of power to run, this device deals extreme damage to its target.

Primary: Power Attack (S)
Secondary: Inaccurate

A huge two-handed energy cannon that deals Magical damage, the Gaia Beam fires a massive beam of high-energy light that can disintegrate just about any organic being.

Primary: Power Attack (W)
Secondary: Inflict Blind, Area Effect, Fire Elemental

An exaggerated version of the modern flash camera, this contraption sets off an intense blast of brilliant light, dealing magical Fire damage to all enemies. In addition, the flash is so bright that its residual glare leaves its victims reeling and unable to see. It is recommended that engineers who use this weapon also wear eye protection.

Primary: Power Attack (M)
Secondary: Drain Attack (50%)

This odd device is a favorite with more devious inventors. When activated, it drains the energy out of the target, restoring the user's health at the expense of the victim.

Primary: Weapon Tech (M)
Secondary: Drain Attack (50%, drains from target that took the most damage), Area Effect

A nasty invention, this enhanced version of the HP Sucker draws the life force from every enemy in the area, restoring hit points to the Engineer equal to half of the damage roll.

Primary: Status Effect: Confuse
Secondary: Area Effect

Another weird contraption, the Noise Blaster, as its name implies, blasts the opposition with a cacophony of defeaning noises that leave them disoriented and completely unable to think straight. Also used as a makeshift alarm to friendly forces, or by mischevious inventors to blast someone out of bed.