Tyrant Robes

Perhaps by a result of the Faustian bargain made by dark white mages, they need to show off in every sense including what they wear.
Some dark white mages joke that they are preparing ahead of time while they attempt to rule over "literally everything".

Armor Type: Balanced
Normal Pool: 10
Artifact Pool: 5

Name HP / MP Effect Cost
Great Coat +20 / +2 - - - - - 75
Imitation Despot +30 / +4 - - - - - 150
Silver Despot +50 / +6 - - - - - 400
Violet Robe +80 / +8 +11 Magic 800
Iron Curtain +100 / +10 Elemental Weakness: Lightning 1,200
"… of My Enemies" +130 / +14 +8 Resist 2,000
Sky Touched +160 / +18 Immune to Lightning 3,000
Kingly Yellow Robe +200 / +20 Physical Defense 5,000
Harbinger +250 / +25 +21 Agility; Confusion Immunity 8,000
Absolute Dominion +350 / +35 Absorb Shadow or Earth1; +11 Resist ARTIFACT

Great Coat
A simple coat. Dark white mages wear it to stand out.

Imitation Despot
Also called the "Daydream", it's pretty much a royal outfit meant for looks. One could buy this at a party store.

Silver Despot
It's more of a shiny white robe, but it gleam demands respect.

Violet Robe
Made from only the finest of dye to show its owner's regal goals.

Iron Curtain
A cloak made of dark grey metal. It bends like fabric, and is tragically conductive. It's custom-made (perhaps out of spite) to never reach the floor leaving the dark white mage grounded and vulnerable to electricity.
Dark white mages insist it's a 'thread-iron cape' but the vernacular name is used as a way to mock it's shape.

"…of My Enemies"
It's made from some of a dark white mage's fallen foes. It ends up being something of a morale killer for those who oppose them.
Arguably this ends up being a sign of the ambiguous condition a dark white mage makes. Still doing this only cements their degrading sanity.

Sky Touched
Also called the "thread-iron cloak". This is custom made to cover the entire body while and let electricity pass through. It's made from the same material as the iron curtain.

Kingly Yellow Robe
It's actually one long cloth that wraps around the entire body. It represents a being whose name is often avoided, and as such it rewards them not to feel physical harm.

A cloak that resembles the grim reaper. Like the death itself it may be swift, but always inevitable.

Absolute Dominion
Knowledge is power. Power is corrupt. If you learn a lot, you can rule the world…