Armor Type: Guard

Sure, it may seem silly to lug around a wagon wherever you go, but when push comes to shove and the bullets start flying, you'll be glad you brought your own piece of cover to duck behind. Many Gunslingers and Riflemen have learned this lesson well.

Guard Name Evade Special Abilities Cost
Wooden Wagon +2 75
Carriage +4 150
Iron Wagon +6 Resist Lightning 400
Bronze Wagon +8 800
Stel Wagon +10 1,200
Armor Wagon +12 2,000
Diamond Wagon +14 +8 Resist 3,000
Settler's Wagon +16 5,000
Sheriff's Wagon +18 +21 Agility 8,000
Hero's Wagon +23 Resist Shadow, Immune to Confuse -

Wooden Wagon
This simple wooden wagon is little more than an open- topped box with wheels bolted to it.

This much fancier wagon is larger and thus provides more cover to the one hiding behind it, though its builders would be horrified at it being used in such a fashion.

Iron Wagon
Unlike other guards, wagons aren't held, so a wagon made of a nice conducting metal like iron acts as a lightning rod, drawing electricity away from the character.

Bronze Wagon
A bronze wagon is a little tougher than an iron wagon.

Steel Wagon
Steel wagons are much more durable than wagons made of more primitive materials.

Armored Wagon
As good as steel is, if it isn't design to take damage, it's not as strong as it could be.

Diamond Wagon
A fortune's worth of the most valuable material on Earth went into building this beautiful wagon. Good thing it's such a strong material too.

Settler's Wagon
Designed to carry all the needs of would-be settlers, these wagons also double as a defensive barrier should they encounter hostile natives.

Sheriff's Wagon
A sheriff often finds himself facing difficult odds, and though most forego wagons, there is no denying the advantage of a wagon specially designed to protect its occupants from multiple enemies.

Hero's Wagon
Built to honor a legendary hero whose name has long since been forgotten, this wagon is leaps and bounds ahead of other wagons in combat value.