Whip Swords

The blades of these swords are a series of metal wedges held together by a cord connected to the handle. The cord is wound tight inside the handle, keeping the blade rigid. Twisting the pommel of the sword causes the cord to unwind, turning the sword into a bladed-whip.

Whip-Sword +15 +15 Magical Attack
Lash-Render +25 +25 Magical Attack
Needle-Thruster +30 +30 Magical Attack
Asp's Tongue +40 +40 Random 'Poison' 55% Poison
Snap Dragon +55 +55 Fire Affinity Immune to Fire
Chain of Tears +70 +70 Ice Affinity Immune to Ice
Requiem Blade +85 +85 Random 'Charm' 40% Charm
Tongue of the Shadows +100 +100 Shadow Affinity 70% DSentence
Lifeleecher +115 +115 Drain Weapon Demi Attack
Sacred Impaler +150 +150 Holy Affinity, Double Damage vs. Undead Immune to Shadow

Lightweight and easy to weild, this is the basic whip-sword used by most novices.

The blade of this whip-sword is serrated, so that when it is whipped forward then pulled back, it rends the flesh of it's victim.

This thin-bladed whip-blade is made up of dozens of small wedges and ends in a single, foot long, wedge that is sharply pointed. Unlike most whip blades the cord in this type is not coiled, instead it is very elastic. When the blade is swung back, then snapped forward, the blade shoots out in a straight line, impaling it's victim with it's stake-like tip.

Asp's Tongue
The blade of this whip-sword has been designed to look like a serpent, the pommel being the head, the blade's tip being the tail. The sharply pointed tip has a small hole bored into it. The sword's cord is a hollow tube that pushes venom from a compartment in the handle to the hole in the tip when the blade is snapped forward.

Snap Dragon
Not only is the blade of this deadly weapon designed to look like a wavy tongue of fire, but it constantly burns in a flaming aura. When the weapon is whipped forward the tip crackles through the air in a great fireball, exploding on impact.

Chain of Tears
This beautiful weapon is made of a clear-blue, cold-crystal alloy that constantly radiates a freezing mist. Engraved with images of sorrow and grief, the tear-shaped wedges speak of great tragedies and hearts grown cold.

Requiem Blade
Almost as much a work of art as it is a weapon, this prismatic whip- sword is designed to glimmer and sparkle in a hypnotic spiral as it is snapped forward. The wedges of the blade have many small holes bored into them so that it causes the blade to emit a whistling chorus of sound. So beautiful is the sound that the haunting melody can enrapture it's victim.

Tongue of the Shadows
Made of pure obsidian, this black-bladed whip-sword can unnerve even the coldest of hearts. The dark, serrated blade is engraved with grim depictions of death and misery, and radiates and fearsome aura. Only the bravest of souls can wield the Tongue of the Shadows.

The blade of this vile weapon is stained with blood. The blade is engraved with repulsive looking mouths opened wide in hunger. Throughout the blade small holes have been bored through, and from within hideous breathing can be heard, as if the blade has a life of it's own. The handle of the blade is spiked with small, hollow, thorn- like projections that pierce the wielder's hand. When the blade strikes it's victim, it sucks in blood and siphons it into the wielder. This disgusting act replenishes the wielder's life essence as it drains it's victim's.

Sacred Impaler
These blessed Needle-Thusters were designed for the eradiction of the dreaded vampires and other such undead fiends. Engraved with holy markings and bearing a long razor-sharp tip, even the blackest of hearts brim with fear in the presence of this amazing weapon. The blade of this sacred weapon glows with a warm and pleasant aura.