Dark Whip Swords

AP/MAP Distribution: 4/2
Attack Dice: d8
Magic Dice: d8
Range: Long

At first glance a dark whip sword might appear as a simple katana… Until the dark samurai reveals its true form.

Made out of nothing but Nightmares, the Sandman grasps his dark whip sword to destroy his adversaries. Since these are made of dreams, dark whip swords are under the Sandman's control. It is because of this that they can strike enemies from afar and in the air with ease. Each dark whip sword also has a dream dormant inside that the Dark Samurai can draw out and use in battle.

Weapon AP MAP Special Cost Draw Out
Solidified Sand 20 10 - - - - - 75 MP Attack (Non-Elemental)
DMT Steel 30 15 - - - - - 150 Magic Attack (Holy Elemental)
Faerie Steel 40 20 - - - - - 400 Magic Attack (Non-Elemental)
Insomnia 50 30 Earth Elemental 800 33% Demi-Attack
Mind's Eye 70 40 - - - - - 1,200 MP Attack (Non-Elemental)
Rapid Eye 90 50 30% Sleep; Shadow Elemental 2,500 Magic Attack (Shadow Elemental)
Endless Chase 110 60 +10 Agility 3,000 50% Demi-Attack
Forever Lost 130 70 30% Poison 5,000 MP Attack (Blizzard Elemental)
Final Descent 150 80 Keen Edge; Water or Wind Elemental (choose one) 8,000 33% Agility Break
Pavor Nocturnus 200 100 Drain Weapon ARTIFACT Bestow Haste and Regen

Solidified Sand
All dark whip swords has some sand within them and a reservoir of dreams. But this one is made of nothing but the Sandman's sand. There is nothing special about it, but it does resemble a set of rocks that are able to be stretched in a hideous fashion.

DMT Steel
This is pretty much solidified sand with a hint of DMT (the chemical that causes one to dream). It is not enough to get one to full on hallucinate, but those struck by it describe a sense of oneness with the environment, while others claim to have achieved a form of enlightenment.

Faerie Steel
Made out of material from an unexplainable land, Faerie Steel is the first out of world based weapon that a Sandman can wield.

This blade represents what it is like to suffer from insomnia. One becomes trapped in the material world. Perhaps due to being barred from enter the dreamscape and forced to stay awake in an earthly realm is the cause of its elemental properties. However Insomnia slowly kills foes, bit by bit, piece by piece.

Mind's Eye
Daydreamer's are all too aware of what it's like to get caught up in the mind's eye. It is because of this that Mind's Eye holds the potential to dwindle one's magic potency.

Rapid Eye
Sometimes the best way to cause nightmares is to place someone in a dark room and put them to sleep.

Endless Chase
The victim of this weapon feels like they are being chased by the wielder, even if they are still. The wielder appears to be faster, and little by little they are caught by their demise.

Forever Lost
Being lost gets to you. The victims of this blade know it all to well. Sometimes they feel it eat it up inside them. It is a cold cruel world, it's not worth losing your place.

Final Descent
Some sets of these make the victims feel like they are drowning. Other's make the victim feel like they are falling. Neither feeling is good.

Pavor Nocturnus
Night Terrors are real. Those who experience it rarely know they suffer from it. Perhaps the best way to utilize it is to face the very entity that causes them… Or become the Night Terror itself.