Most adventurers scoff at the idea of using a whip in combat. While it is true that a simple whip is not particularly effective, there are a variety of whips and flails designed specifically for combat, and in the right hands they are every bit as deadly as any long sword. Whips have a much greater range than the typical melee weapon, and are often able to strike an opponent before he is close enough to attack. Many experienced whip fighters can perform amazing tricks with their weapon, such as snatching an opponent's weapon out of his hand, or even ensnaring him with the whip and hurling him to the floor. The effective use of a whip relies more on agility and reflexes than on brute strength, making it a common choice of rogues, mages, and psions.

Leather Whip +10 +20 none Heals 35 HP
Black Whip +15 +30 none 40% Stun
Chain Whip +20 +40 none Magical Attack
Beast Whip +30 +50 Double Damage vs. Beast Strength Break
Hammer Flail +40 +70 Stun 30% Magical Attack
Scourge +50 +90 none 35% Venom
Razor Whip +60 +110 Keen Edge Demi Attack
Blitz Whip +70 +130 +19 Agility, Lightning Affinity Magical Attack - Lightning
Gigas Flail +80 +150 none +45 Strength
Nimbus Chain +100 +200 +11 Spirit, Double Damage vs. Demons, Holy Affinity Heals 260 HP

Leather Whip
A simple leather whip, a strike from this weapon will sting, but not much more.

Black Whip
Unlike the Leather Whip, this is a whip designed for combat. It is made from heavy, black leather, and reinforced with metal studs.

Chain Whip
Made of lightweight mythril chain links, this weapon deals respectable damage, but is as light as a normal leather whip.

Beast Whip
Typically used by beast trainers, this whip is especially effective against lions, tigers, wolves, and the like.

Hammer Flail
The Hammer Flail is a long chain with a heavy hammer attached, blunt on one end and pointed on the other. Because of its poor balance, it must be used with two hands, but the damage it deals when it connects is worth it.

This nasty weapon has nine long tails instead of one. The end of each tail is studded with a metal spike, causing even more pain.

Razor Whip
The tail of this black leather whip is lined with numerous tiny razors. These blades give the whip a deadly bite as they slice their victim apart.

Blitz Whip
This is a chain whip charged with magical electricity, and delivers a lethal shock to its target.

Gigas Flail
Gigas Flails are heavy chains with large spiked iron balls attached. Though it requires more strength to use than most whips, it also deals much more damage.

Nimbus Chain
This legendary flail is fitted with a long, razor-sharp scythe blade at the end of its chain. The holy magic enchanting the Nimbus Flail makes an otherwise awkward weapon extraordinarily light and well- balanced. Though difficult to master, a skilled user of a flail like this one could easily cut down multiple foes at once. Legends speak of a powerful archangel and her single-handed assault on the gates of hell using this powerful weapon; it is not known to mortals whether her crusade ended in victory or defeat, but the sight of an archangel wielding this blessed flail would surely strike terror into even the most terrible of demons.