White Mage Mallets and Hammers

THere are White Mages who weild staffs, and then there are the White Mages who weild hammer and mallets. Though the traditional white mage is seen with a staff, the more battle-ready White Mages and their ilk weild large hammers and mallets. Note that all whites are good with White Magic, but a select few are able to fight when they are out of MP and restoratives.

Wooden Mallet +10 +20 none Heals 35 HP
Rubber Mallet +15 +30 none Lightning Resistance
Iron Hammer +20 +40 none Magic Break 20%
Big Hammer +30 +50 none +20 Strength
Holy Mallet +40 +70 Holy Affinity Magical Attack - Holy
The Headache +50 +90 Stun 30% Confuse 40%
Imp Smasher +60 +110 Double damage to Demons Shadow Immunity
Aphrodisia Mallet +70 +130 Charm 30% Charm 45%
The Silent Type +80 +150 Seal 30% Haste, Regen
Hammer of Virtues +100 +200 +23 Magic, Double damage vs. Demons, Holy Affinity Reraise, Regen

Wooden Mallet
A simple wooden mallet used by White Mages-in-training.

Rubber Mallet
The head of this mallet is made of a thick rubber wehile the shaft is made of a strong wood. Made more for construction then anything else, but some White Mages use it anyway.

Iron Hammer
More durable and heavier the most other hammers, the Iron Hammer bludgeons against targets harder then most other hammers. Though clumsily weilded by traditional White Mages, it is a welcomed ally in the hands of the Battle White Mages

Big Hammer
A really big Wooden Hammer, made popular by the White Mage who crushed an evil Black Mage many of time with it. Now the White Mages who weild such weapon gain a little more muscle then most traditional whites with each swing.

Holy Mallet
A white mallet blessed by Traditiona White Mages with Holy ene3rgy so a Battle White Mage can do some harm to the evil of the world. Inscribed on it is the phrase. "In the presense of Light, Darkness trembles."

The Headache
A large stone hammer named so becuase of how much force comes from behind such a weapon. If struck in the head, it'll daze the foe for a short while. Some White mages have even been known to confuse a lot of enemies by drawing out all the pain The Headache has inflicted.

Imp Smasher
Created by a Battle White Mage that wanted to really deal some damage to Demonkind, This now mass-produced weapon is key to defeating Demons such as Tauri, Kindred, and, of course, Imps.

Aphrodisia Mallet
This strange mallet has padded ends filled with Aphrodisiac Powder. It sprinkles a little dust with each hit, but only works if the enemy draws in the dust into it's body through inhaling it in or absorbing it into their body.

The Silent Type
Once upon a time, there was a white mage who was very shy and soft spoken. So much that people started to call her The Silent Type. One day the temple was attacked by evil mages, and many White Mages were forced into submitting to them. But one remained uncaptured and began her assualt on the mages. One by one, the evil mages lost their voice, and soon enough the other White mages joined the cause and overthrew the invaders. Since then, There has been one type of hammer that many White Mages use against spellslinging foes, named after a brave individuial who was more then just quiet, she was The Silent Type.

Hammer of Virtues
A legendary hammer, weilded by the first Battle White Mage. It is said he took on Chaos himself, defeated him with his party, and sealed the dark force away for many millenia. On the head of the hammer is the Seven Virtues of the Cosmos religion. Because each virtue was lived by the White Mage, his power against evil creatures was twentyfold. Now, the Hammer of Virtues hides in silence, waiting for the day another who follows the Seven Virtues will come and battle evil once more with it in their hands.