White Magic


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Primary: Attack Magic (W)
Secondaries: Wind Elemental
One of the only primary offensive spell the White Mage has at her disposal, Aero calls forth a strong wind to rip through the target. THere are stronger versions, Aera and Aeraga, that a White mage can learn once her skills improve.

Primary: Berserk
Filling the mind of an enemy with anger and frustration, Berserk makes the foe attack blindly with little or no regard to his own life. It just wants to obliterate the party using it's own weapon, not even thinking about using magic or spells.

Primary: Strength Boost
By bringing out the courage and strength of her ally, the White mage can ensure that that member of her party will do more damage become they hero of the battle doing so.

Primary: Healing (M)
One of the first spells a White Mage learns is the Cure spell, as irt is the most needed in adventuring parties and medical clinics. Bluwe and green motes of light surround the target and seals up the wounds, if only a little bit. Its stronger versions, Cura, Curaga, anmd Curaja, recover more Hp, but only Curaga and Curaja can affect the entire party at Medium and Strong, respectively.

Unique: Esuna
By removing all of the nasty things a single ally has taken into his body through either injection, inhaling, or magically bestowed, The White Mage will make sure he lives to fight another day.

Primary: Attack Magic (M)
Secondaries: Holy Elemental
The greatest of the White Mage's powers and spells is Holy. By manifesting her holy energy in a great blast of light and power, The white mage can take out undead abominations and demonic forces with ease.

Primary: Revive
Sending life energy into a fallen ally's body, a White Mage can bring them back to consciousness to fight on with all their allies.

Primary: Mini
The White mage doesn't like getting hurt, so she minimizes the damage done by minimizing the foe's size and shape. This reduces the damage done to her physically, as well as giving her allies a chance to do more damage on the shrunken target. Squishies, anyone?

Unique: Dispel Poison
A simple spell that cures poison by neutralizing it within the body of the afflicted person. At later levels, It can cure Venom, too.

Primary: Barrier
Barrier erects a field of invisible energy that only becomes visible when the field halves the force done onto an ally or the White Mage herself. Protect makes it where whoever it's protecting takes only half damage from physical attacks. It's cousin, Shell, does the same, but only affect magic attacks. There is even area effect versions of these spells, Protectga and Shellga.

Primary: Reraise
Similiar to Life, but can only be cast upon a living target. If the target becomes unconscious, they revive with 10% Max HP.

Unique: Scan
A handy spell, Scan allows the White Mage to relay information about a single monster' strength of life, magic, and its elemental affinities.

Primary: Seal