Like the Dragoon, the Wyrmslayer often uses a spear or lance. However, the similarities end there. The Wyrmslayer is a specialist in slaying dragons, though the abilities learned from dragonslaying can be adapted to other pursuits. A Wyrmslayer generally wears light armor, to better dodge a dragon's claws. The Wyrmslayer also learns how to use a number of ointments to protect him/herself from a dragon's breath.

Primary: Resistance
The Wyrmslayer utilizes an ointment to protect allies from a dragon's breath, but it can also be used as a general elemental defense.

Primary: Quadra Slam
The Wyrmslayer makes four quick jabs at their enemies, doing half damage with each strike.

Piercing Scale
Primary: Armor Break
One of the Wyrmslayer's few mystical capabilities, Piercing Scale causes dragon scales or other armor to soften, reducing its protection.

Primary: Power Attack (Medium)
Elemental: Lightning
The Wyrmslayer charges his or her lance with electrical energy and attacks, dealing Lightning damage. Variations of this ability possess other elements.

Primary: Power Attack (Strong)
It's no secret that a spear is deadly if aimed for the vitals. A fierce blow to the vital organs can do extreme amounts of damage.

Unique: Scan
There are many kinds of dragons (and other monsters), so it can be useful for a Wyrmslayer to learn this mystical power. Analyzing the opponent's capabilities, the Wyrmslayer is better prepared to choose among elemental ointments and other techniques.